Monday, July 14, 2008

Jetpack Project, Part 2 (The Finished Product)

Well, it's finished! I'm really pleased with how this came out... I got a little lazy about taking WIP photos as I got further into the process and got more crazed in trying to finish it in time for the ball on Saturday, but I think there aren't too many changes in the structural development of the pack, mostly just surface details.

Anyway, enough blathering. Here it is!

It's all treated with a brass coating and Ferric Nitrate patina to give it an authentic aged look. Then, I dripped some acrylic down it and airbrushed India Ink to give it that nice filthy appearance.

Here's a back view to show how the leather straps are fitted. Apparently the 99 cent store is the place to go for inexpensive leather belts!

Detail of the thrusters (formerly vegetable steamers) at the bottom, complete with glowing LEDs.

The "intake fans" at the top were CPU fans, run off of a battery in the control box.

Detail of the control box. The switches and knobs are functional, with switches controlling each bottom thruster light, a switch for the top fan lights, and one extra in case I ever decide to add anything. The knobs are potentiometers that can activate and control the brightness of the control panel lights and the speed of the intake fans. The little rivets you see are all cast resin, and the weld lines are made of hot glue.

Here's a rare shot of me in my outfit, along with my friend Kelly, at the Masquerade Ball on Saturday (I had to take this on my cell phone, since my digital camera's batteries died).

It's difficult to see in the picture, but I also modified my welding goggles to match the jetpack, with brass edges and faux wood sides, along with tarnished wire mesh to replace the dark lenses (much easier to see things at night that way!).

And finally, a back view, to show how it looks while being worn.

I'm really happy with the way this came out... everything came together very nicely, all the electronics work, it's not too heavy, it looks like my original concept drawing, and even though it looks filthy, it really is the most finely crafted prop/costume piece that I've made yet. I didn't compromise on anything really, and in fact I think I outdid my original plans, especially in terms of the functionality of the lights and motors.

Now... time to start planning for next year's ball!


Brynna said...

That looks sooo awesome!

Phoenix said...

holy batman that's cool!

jordan said...

I love your work here, and from one steampunker to another you really hit the nail on the head. I was wonder what you use for your bronzing effect. Obviously your patina worked so you much be using a real material paint.