Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Greetings

This is a little thing I put together to send to my friends on MySpace as a holiday greeting of sorts. I figured I'd post it here for all of those who did not recieve one. So, happy holidays to you!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Pursuit of History

This semester I worked on a Theatre Department production at Brown University. Apparently my reputation as Providence's "Zombie Guy" got around to the director, who approached me to design make-up for a cast of ten singing and dancing zombies. The show was called The Pursuit of History and was about Egyptologists in the '20s who discover a tomb, only to find it full of zombies. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. They were taken by a cast member backstage, but hopefully the high resolution production photos will show up soon.

Due to the structure of the show, ten actors had to have zombie makeup in approximately ten minutes, so I had five wonderful assistants to aid in the process of applying the makeup.

The makeup is all Cinema Secrets cream-based makeup: "Dead Guy Grey" base layer / "Forensic Blue-Grey" shadow layer / "Black" eye pattern and lips / "Wolf Brown" stippled to simulate dirt.

The director wanted the zombies to look distinctly Egyptian, and to appear as though they had been entombed for three thousand years, hence my decisions to feature Egyptian eye makeup patterns and the stippled dirt effect.

The cast was very cooperative in the process of putting on the makeup, and it was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in the production.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"The night sky was blacker than India ink..."

Well, I haven't updated in a while, mostly because I've been rather busy with finals and such, but I thought I'd do an update just for the hell of it. This is an older piece, from the Spring. It was my final project for the second semester of 2D Design here at RISD. It was a pretty open-ended assignment, as long as it included a metal folding chair, so I decided to do a single page comic, in a noir style. It's drawn/painted in India Ink on illustration board. Sorry for the poor image quality, but I haven't had time to to a scan or a nicely lit photo yet. Here it is: