Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic Con 2008 - Day 2

Saturday was Terminator day for us. Me dressed as the T-1000, and Claire as Sarah Connor in T2. From the moment I got to the convention center, people were stopping me constantly for photos.

In the morning, Claire was saving a spot in the enormous line to get into Hall H, and I was on my way to meet up with her. As soon as I saw her, I broke into a run towards her and chased her all over the line. The hundreds of onlookers waiting in the line cheered for us and applauded when our chase ended with Claire throwing herself down on the ground and shooting me with her machine gun.

We ran into a guy who was dressed as the T-800 from the first movie, and posed for photos with him:

A very nice police officer let us pose for pictures in front of his motorcycle:

Now, the highlight of the day... the Terminator: Salvation panel, which was held in Hall H (the convention center's largest presentation hall, holding 6,500 people). Claire and I lined up at the microphone for the Q and A portion. Instead of describing it in detail, I'll just show you IFC's coverage of the panel on youTube.

Watch the part between about 6:30 and 8:30 to see the part we are in... I also show up around 11:00 when Common answers a question.

It was an incredibly surreal experience... The cast members were all really nice to us, and for the rest of the day people were coming up to us saying, "you were great on the panel" and "you guys were so funny!" Also, since then articles covering the panel have popped up around the internet, and there have been more than a few articles that talk about our appearance at it.

Here's a write-up from Ain't It Cool News, including a great photo of us on the stage.

Also, an article from Entertainment Weekly online, which mentions us at the end.

There are countless others, but those are a couple that stood out as being really great. IMDB also has a great photo of the cast and us at on the stage.

Anyway, it was another fabulous day at the Con...
Sunday report will follow soon.

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