Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally... Comic Con Report: Day 3!

Okay, I admit that I should have posted this long long ago... but oh well, such is life. Anyway, that being said, day 3 was awesome. No costume, so I was free to walk around the exhibit hall, pick up a ton of free swag, and make some purchases. No panels really interested me that day so basically I just wandered around and it was wonderful. Here are some highlights:

At the Gentle Giant booth I got to see the one and only Ray Harryhausen hanging out with a giant sculpture of his Medusa... it was pretty damn cool.

I got to meet one of my biggest comic book idols, Mike Mignola (for those of you who don't know, he's the creator of Hellboy, one of my favorite comics). I guess he had just gotten there because I was like, third in line for an autograph. I purchased a nice little postcard-size limited edition print at the booth, and then I had him do a little drawing of Lobster Johnson (my favorite character of the series) on the back of the print! He seemed rather happy to do the drawing because he'd been drawing Hellboy for every one of the people who had been in line in front of me.

Kate will most likely read this so I can't say the gift I got her from the Con, but I did get something very cool for myself! Made by Haunted Portraits, it's a nice little antique photograph of "Uncle Percy" who is a handsome gentleman who, when you walk past the photo, becomes corpse-ified! How cool is that? Photos don't do it justice but the lenticular effect when you walk back and forth is absolutely amazing.

Of course nothing can capture the total sensory overload that happens at Comic Con but I think I covered most of the landmark events of the weekend. Now, to start working on next year's costume....!

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