Monday, March 17, 2008

Characters Galore!

This semester I'm taking an amazing course in Character Design, taught by the wonderful Shanth Enjeti. Here's a bit of work from the first few weeks.

Please be sure to view the full-sized images to see all the detail!

The first week, we were supposed to do any character design, simply to demonstrate our skill level. So was born Jet Quasar, Astro-Man:

The next week we were told to illustrate, in the form of a character, our best trait and our worst trait. For my best, I chose "smart":

For my bad trait I chose "elitist":

The next week was the same assignment, but for traits we saw in other people. For the bad trait I decided on "deceptive" and came up with this. I think it's a decent concept, but I'm really frustrated with how it turned out in terms of style. We were limited to using flat color, and I couldn't really figure out how to retro-style this one, so it came out looking like a weird blend of realism and stylization which I really dislike. Oh, well... here it is anyway:

This one I love. It illustrates the good trait of "hard-working" and I had a wonderful time trying to simulate cut-paper illustration:

All of these were done in Photoshop CS2.

Anyway, that's it so far. I'll post more as I create more characters.

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