Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Creature Creations: Part 4 - Final Creature

After many weeks of hard work, it is my pleasure to present to you...


Behold, these amazing denizens of the deep!

Watch as Dakkar struggles with the fiendish Herbert!

Notice the bizarre breathing apparatus on Dakkar's back!

Dakkar's first public appearance in Providence, RI.

More photos will be posted soon.

Dakkar was created during a six week course called "Creature Creation Workshop" at the Rhode Island School of Design, in association with the Big Nazo Lab. He is constructed of various types of foam, covered in a mixture of liquid latex and acrylic paint. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or to e-mail Baron von Fogel.


Tinkergirl said...

Oooh! That's fantastic! I'm ever so envious of the course you're on - things like that sound so interesting and creative. How much of the technique's they're teaching you about working in foam are you allowed to share - or is there a good coursebook that you could recommend?

I have to say though, Dakkar looks most impressive in his Steampunk Aeolonautic Suit!

Amanda said...

I must say, this is the most incredible costume I've ever seen, and what an interesting technique for creating Herbert.

So sorry! In the excitement I forgot to introduce myself. Colonel Adrianna Hazard, at your service.

I found your blog from Brass Goggles, and I just had to share my enthusiasm for what you're doing. Keep up the great work!